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Coming to you from San Fernando, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the “Sultan of Soca”, DJ Supa Sprang! At the age of 12, Wayne Alexis found a turntable in a pile of trash his father threw out. Although his father said it was “irreparable”, Wayne was determined. It was not long after that, “DJ Wayne” discovered not only did he have a talent for fixing things, but a talent to bring the community joy through music. By the age of 19, he was noted by Caribbean Press as “The 

HOTTEST, youngest Caribbean DJ coming out of Trinidad to America…”
As owner of Party Vybez®?, his company being namesake for what he calls his equipment, now DJ Supa Sprang has elaborate dreams for his future. He has a dream to bring “Caribbean Fire” or Island Music to the forefront. Primarily spinning Soca, Reggae, and Calypso on his entirely self-run web-broadcast, DJ Supa Sprang is rapidly becoming a household name across the globe. (Don’t forget to “IM” your requests to him on the show… No matter the genre, this man has a library of music that makes the Lord look upon him and smile!) Although he intends to forge on with his dreams and goals, DJ Supa Sprang does not have any intention to halt live performances regardless of where his imagination takes him in a world of reality. For him, there is nothing more inspirational than playing to a live crowd and seeing, in person, the magic of music at work.
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