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Reggae4us was developed, as it was noted over the years that there was no outlet for new musicians to promote and distribute their music. Due to the culture of the music industry, established labels are reluctant to give new artists a chance. Reggae4us is primarily developed to offer the opportunity to artists to get their music heard across the world through a variety of media outlets.

( follow  this link ~~> http://www.reggae4us.com/index.html

Aims and Goals: To be a global site that is available to everybody from all walks of life. Helping and supporting people to set up their businesses and/or develop their music careers.

( come meet the DJ's here ~~ >  http://www.reggae4us.com/reggae4us_djProfiles.html

Reggae4us has also incorporated a radio station, that may be used as an outlet to promote music from both established and new artists. With record labels, record producers and record companies from around the world already signed up to Reggae4us , it offers an unique opportunity for them to listen to music from established and new artists.

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